iEMSs 2010, Ottawa/Canada

There are a number of interesting sessions lined up for iEMSs 2010, with one that is being organised by myself and Tim Oxley (, see session S15, abstract below) and others which are relevant for modelling activities within NitroEurope. 

 We would in particular encourage contributions of modelling applications in the interface between air pollution and climate change and regarding the bridging of scales from local to national to regional modelling. Please feel free to distribut to colleagues and other networks.   

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is coming soon on Thursday, Dec 31, 2009.


S15. Integrated Assessment Modelling of Air Quality and Climate Change across different spatial and temporal scales

Organisers: Stefan Reis (, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, CEH, United Kingdom

Tim Oxley, Imperial College London


This session is designed to attract model developers as well as stakeholders applying/using integrated assessment models for the design of integrated strategies to improve air quality and to combat climate change. Currently, a variety of integrated assessment models is being developed and applied for a wide range of science and policy questions. These operate on different spatial scales (global, regional, national and local) and - addressing key environmental problems with quite different temporal horizons - are applied to develop policy strategies for both immediate and long-term implementation. Environmental topics such as air pollution and climate change are in the focus of this session, but issues of scale are of particular relevance as well for cross-media effects of pollution, which are often key aspects of model integration and integrated policy design.

Papers submitted to this session should address aspects of integration in crossing spatial scales, dealing with issues of different time-scales and, first and foremost, demonstrate advanced levels of integration both from a model development and an application point of view. Pending the number and coverage of papers submitted, a dedicated special issue publication in an appropriate journal (e.g. Environmental Pollution, Environmental Modelling & Software) is intended.

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